I took a break for 2 days from the gym. I know I will have to strike a balance between exercise and rest. This is part of my “new normal” that I’m already struggling with.

I could have easily taken another day “off” today but chose to go and see what I could do.

A rough morning with pain had me a bit off so I started with 25 minutes on the stair stepper to warm up my joints and get my heart rate up. About 5 minutes in the pain was subsiding in my hands. At 20 minutes my feet were starting to hurt so I finished at 25 minutes. I’m trying to learn to listen to my body’s signals.

I decided to go hit the weight room and attempt a decent shoulder workout. Lifted heavy and it felt amazing. Managed to military press 75 pounds again! Haven’t been able to get that since my shoulder injury at the end of April.

And the RA took a little break…no pain anywhere.

At least that’s how it is at this stage.

I’m thankful for that. Lifting has become a passion. My own therapy. Alone time with my thoughts. A natural mood booster.

I’m determined to keep this part of my life in tact.

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