After being able to power through and hit the gym yesterday and feel pretty good…today has me almost beat.

I was awakened in the middle of the night when my knees decided to join the party. Pain. It’s a funny thing really.

Today walking is very difficult. The pain in my knees is relentless.

I’m really praying that the CBD oil will start to help. I increased the dose to 500 mg a day yesterday from 200 mg.

I also noticed my one knuckle has some kind of small lump on it. That entire knuckle is very painful. And today I noticed just how swollen it is compared to the left finger that is not affected.

I texted my new friend and RA warrior in Arizona and asked her about the lump.

She said they’re RA nodules and they can come and go.

More research….

About 25% of RS sufferers get them. Ha! Well count me in then.

My friend asked if I’d bought CBD topical cream for my joints yet. I hadn’t but I did after speaking with her. Hoping it arrives soon.

So much more to learn.

What I’ve learned so far is that RA is fickle. The pain can come and go….at least so far. Here’s to tomorrow. It has to be a better day.

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