After two horrendous days I’m feeling hopeful. The past two days have really tested my limits. I was beginning to question whether I would be able and willing to continue trying alternative treatments or just throw in the towel and tell the doc this week to put me on meds.

This morning was another day of excruciating knee pain. I could barely walk this morning when I woke up and fell (fortunately caught myself before going down completely) as I was making my way downstairs to see the kids off for the first day of school.

That had me shook up. I sat in the living room and waited for the kids to leave for school. I was in pain. I didn’t even take their pictures as I have done every year on the first day. That upset me when I realized too late.

I sat in my chair praying that the pain would relent some. Finally an hour or so later I got up again. Gritting my teeth through the pain I started moving around the house a bit. I had lots of things to do today and needed to get going. I drank my coffee and took the CBD oil.

I had a hard time getting into the Jeep to leave.

As I was out running all my errands for home and work I noticed something. My knees still hurt. But my knuckles that have been hurting nonstop for weeks on end weren’t hurting. The one in particular that I took a picture of this weekend…wasn’t hurting. I could close it completely to make a fist. It didn’t hurt.

Tomorrow marks one week of taking the CBD oil. Maybe it’s starting to work.

I went to the gym and got a decent chest workout in. As is typical when I’m lifting my pain stopped while working out.

Hours later, my knuckles are still pain free and my knees barely hurt.

Maybe it’s starting to work. I’m hopeful.

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