Today I had the second appointment with my rheumatologist.

I told her about the CBD oil and sudden change in my symptoms in the past few days.

I waited for the awkward silence or anticipated condescending lecture, but what I got was a pleasant surprise.

She was aware of the studies that I told her about. And she said that we are seriously lagging behind in our research into alternative treatments in the US.

I also mentioned the blood type diet that I’m looking into and my preliminary findings there (I’ll post in detail about that soon).

She was very understanding and said she’s ok with following me for three months while I use the CBD oil and journal my results.

She wants me to continue taking just the CBD oil for 6 weeks without drastically changing my diet so we will have a better idea of whether it’s working or not.

She does want me to get some more blood work done to get a baseline of numbers to monitor the disease and x-rays of my feet and knees to do the same.

And there’s the understanding that if I have a flare that is bad that I can call her and we can discuss some treatment.

I was very pleased with her willingness to follow, and monitor me while allowing me to explore my body’s ability to respond to natural treatments.

So I’m going to continue taking the CBD oil and in 6 weeks alter my diet more. I’m hopeful.

Came home this evening to my topical CBD salve that just arrived – Here’s to another option for treating the pain and inflammation!

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