I continue to take the CBD oil I purchased but have not been feeling as good as I did that first week. Although there are many studies that indicate it is a potentially good treatment there are no dosage guidelines.

So I’ve been researching more. I found an oil that has 1500 mg of phyto-cannabinoids and is approximately 99.2% CBD. The main difference with this new oil is that it also contains terpenes and fatty acids from the plant.

Research indicates that having a full spectrum of these components can yield better results. I also will need to ingest much less of it because it’s concentrated.

Last week I’d caved in and started taking the prescription NSAID, Meloxicam, to try and take the edge off my pain. My joints hurt less however, the side effect was a 10 pound fluid retention in just 5 days! I had pitting edema and was very uncomfortable.

I called my rheumatologist and she said that Meloxicam can do that to some people. Great….less pain but holding fluid. So I stopped taking it. Three days later I’m just about back to normal with regard to fluid but also back to normal with my pain.

I continue to find relief when I get in the gym and lift. Thankful for that.

So, a lot of trial and error as I try to find a solution that will work for me. I’m still determined.

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