It’s been a rough week. The RA symptoms are relentless. I’m still not taking any medications and trying to treat naturally but I’m becoming frustrated.

Last Monday I woke to agonizing pain in my feet and hips. Hey hips! Welcome to the party! My wrists were also hurting. I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t support myself holding onto to the bed to get across the floor because the pain in my wrists was so bad they were useless to me.

It took me four hours to get out of bed.

Then I guess because my immune system is just whack right now the sniffles that hit the household turned into a full blown illness for me. Fever, wicked sore throat, and cough for days.

I’m exhausted. Sometimes the fatigue is overwhelming.

I got a new bottle of CBD oil Saturday a week ago. This one has a higher concentration of CBD plus other plant compounds. The dosage on the label is 3 drops under the tongue morning and night. 6 drops morning and night if symptoms persist.

I started with the low dose Saturday and upped it on Wednesday. Thursday evening I had significantly less pain in my hands and feet. Friday and Saturday I had almost no pain.

I continued to rest to get rid of the upper respiratory thing I was fighting but was feeling so much better in my joints.

Then Sunday came and so did the pain. Back to a 7 out of 10 and by this morning a 10. I cried putting on my shoes for work. I couldn’t hold the hair dryer. It hurt to get dressed.

I felt like I couldn’t fight any more. I told my husband, Joe, that I was calling the doctor and giving up and asking for meds. I put a call into her office.

Shortly thereafter I got an email from customer service from the company where I purchased the new bottle of oil. It had additional dosage information for chronic pain and severe illness.

I can take 12 drops morning and night.

I don’t believe in coincidence. The email much like other things that have happened came at the moment where my frustration level was high and I felt like giving up and just taking the meds.

For now I’m going to stay the course. I’m going to take the increased dose and continue researching in hopes of getting this into a remission naturally.

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