So I’ve given up on trying to supress my immune system with the CBD oil. New symptoms were showing up and the pain was getting worse.

My rheumatologist has put me on methotrexate. It’s a disease modifying anti rheumatic drug. It’s supposed to suppress my immune system so it slows disease progression and hopefully prevents some joint deformity.

Feeling defeated because there are no clinical trials to back up the studies on CBD oil that indicate it could be an immune suppressant.

So I reluctantly took the first dose of methotrexate this morning. I’ve been feeling rather depressed but I’m hoping that when the meds kick in I’ll start to feel better emotionally too.

And once again when I’m at my end and feeling down things happen to stop me and pick me up.

I got a text out of the blue from my angel in Arizona last night. She always makes me feel better about what’s going on.

My sister messaged me this morning with words of encouragement.

And I got a text from another friend out of the blue to see if she could stop by and drop something off.

She’s been reading my posts and did some research into a product that she’s using and she brought me some to look into.

Very timely considering I’ve been advised not to take any pain medicine like Aleeve, aspirin or ibuprofen while I’m taking the methotrexate.

So I’ve got a couple months before I’ll see any potential benefit from the methotrexate and I can’t take anything to ease my joint pain…..sounds like a lose-lose to me!

I spent some time reading about each of the ingredients. There are no contraindications. In fact some of the ingredients have been shown to protect the liver from the toxicity of the methotrexate and others have been shown to help reduce pain and inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis studies done abroad.

Thankful that another angel has come into my life right when I needed it most ❤

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