I’ve had to do it before. Learn to adjust to my “new normal.” I’m not very good at it. I’m stubborn and want to have control of my surroundings, my body, my health.

When my RA symptoms snowballed they really snowballed. It has caught me off guard. I’ve been in pain for several months straight.

I was so relieved to wake up this past Monday to very little pain. I didn’t want to get too excited. Tuesday morning brought the same. Then Wednesday too. I felt like myself. I wasn’t hurting to the point of tears when I got out of bed each day.

Relief. Maybe it was starting to go into remission.

Then Wednesday evening came. I could feel it begin to flare. Thursday morning. The pain was back and the swelling. Like it had never left.

I am grateful for the few days that I got a reprieve. I was able to workout each day with the intensity I’m used to.

I must learn to appreciate the days where I feel like myself and somehow hold onto that energy for the bad days because this is my new normal.

I started back on the Methotrexate since the pneumonia is gone. It definitely is not a pleasant drug. I feel fatigued, foggy headed and a bit sick for about 48 hours after taking it.

I’m really hoping my doctor will have a better solution on my next visit.

In the meantime I met with my nutritionist about my “diet.” I researched the blood type diet, and although it sounded promising I’ve been loosely following it for about a month with little improvement in my symptoms.

We discussed a ketogenic diet. I’ve been researching its effects on RA caused inflammation and was considering trying it.

We discussed it and she felt it would not be a good choice for me right now. I always appreciate her insight and concern for me and my health.

We discussed a “paleo” diet. And I’m not talking paleo like on Pinterest…hey let’s make paleo muffins.

It’s changing my eating to absolutely no processed foods. So goodbye snicker doodle protein shakes in the morning!

Hello (even) cleaner eating. I’m already gluten free so that part is easy. Now I’m excluding all grains, legumes and dairy. I will be eating fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, eggs, meat and seafood.

Hoping for a positive result in my pain and inflammation.

I’m very fortunate to have a husband that I can lean on. I’m not used to being “needy” but lately I have been leaning on him for physical and emotional support.

I’m blessed with family and friends who are here for me.

Cherish your health. You never know when your normal will be changed.

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