Sometimes you feel weak. It’s a feeling that I don’t want to dwell on.

Taking meds for my disease has provided me days of feeling weak. I take the meds, feel sick for about two days, can’t eat, and I’m weak.

When I finally got myself up and got downstairs this morning I was exhausted. Compared to months ago before the disease snowballed when I was hiking miles with my family. I sat down and rested.

As morning turned to noon I decided that I needed to get up and try to go to the gym.

When I finally got there I wasn’t sure if I could even lift. I grabbed a template online and decided it was leg day. My wrists were hurting so bad today I was afraid to do upper body work.

I grit through the stretching and as my workout continued and my joints warmed up I managed to get some relief.

It wasn’t my best leg day. There were no personal bests today. But I showed up. And I did what I could do.

I came home and saw this Facebook memory. It hit home today. I’m not weak.

Love each other ❤

#curearthritis #rasucks #rheumatoidarthritis #cantkeepmedown

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