I’ve been on new medicine for just about two weeks and I feel amazing! My doc said if it was going to work I would know within a week or two.

I am feeling like myself again physically and mentally and I hope I continue to have success. I’m still aggravated that I couldn’t find a natural approach but waking up and being able to walk with little pain is like a breath of fresh air.

I asked my doc to call in the prescription so I can start dealing with the issues of getting the insurance company to pay for it. Without any insurance the medicine would cost $5000 for a 30 day supply!

I’m fortunate to be working with a good pharmacy who is helping me through the process. I’ve also gotten a copay assist card from Pfizer to offset $12,000 per year toward the out of pocket costs.

I’m sure we’ll figure it out and I’m trying not to stress over it because stress can cause a flare in the disease.

I’ll be working on a fundraising campaign for CureArthritis.org soon so you might want to unfollow me now.

I’m so happy that I’ve been able to get back to working out in the gym the way I used to. My strength is coming back and I’m feeling good.

Don’t take your health for granted and love each other ❤


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