I try not to let the circumstances in my life get me down but sometimes it’s just so hard. I thought the issue with my medication had been resolved when I spent hours on the phone weeks ago. But alas…our healthcare is so messed up (and no I’m not looking for a political debate) that even though my doctor sent in the preauthorization that I was told would be all that was needed, my medicine has been denied. She is filing an appeal. We have up to 2 appeals and then the Independent Review Board will be involved. How about this…my doctor says it’s medically necessary so allow me to get my meds!! I’m beyond frustrated that some person in some office is calling the shots on my health! My doctor was told they (Caremark) wants me to try Kevzara injections. They are almost as expensive as the Xeljanz I’m currently taking through the samples my doctor is giving me, and there’s no guarantee that my body will respond to them as well. This isn’t a matter of trading a brand name for a generic. It’s a matter of being forced to change my treatment at the hands of my insurance company. Rest assured I WILL NOT give in. Game on Caremark. You’ll be well acquainted with me soon. I’ve also been sick for a few days and trying to fight off whatever I’ve got going on. No small task with a suppressed immune system lol. The drawback of my meds working so well is that it’s difficult for my body to fight infections. So I’m resting and not working out which makes me feel pretty down. I’m incredibly irritated with all of this. And right on time, as she always does, my earth angel texted me today. I love her to pieces. We don’t text a lot but she seriously comes through every time I’m reaching the end of my rope. I love you Dani! #makeitcount #MIC4D #curearthritis

8 thoughts on “I will not give in

  1. Hang in there it will get better your strong I know it’s frustrating I have been going back and forth with the doctors over my stomach seance thanksgiving and nothing is getting done I’m here if you need to talk hugs.

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      1. Hello just wanted to say hi and hope you are doing well!.im still trying to figure this site out i am no longer in the R.A group my profile will be deleted in 10 days to much drama for me i will talk to you later. You are a good person and thank you for the friend ship.


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