Sometimes that’s what it takes. RA is a strange disease. Highly misunderstood. I don’t look sick. But I’m definitely not completely well.

I’ve been in bed the last two days allowing my body to concentrate on fighting whatever virus I have.

That is a delicate balance. Rest is good but not moving creates stiffness and pain in my joints.

So today since my throat wasn’t as sore and my ears weren’t hurting as much I ventured out of the house to the gym to get some exercise.

I have a lot of respect for my fellow RA sufferers. Grit. That’s what it takes to move some days. That’s what you need to keep RA in check.

Today I grit through the first half of my walk on the treadmill. It felt like I was walking on broken glass.

But here’s the amazing part….I grit through it and the pain backed off.

Did it leave entirely? No. Did it become bearable? Yes.

So I’m reminded that there will be days that I need to grit through it but it’s worth it.

Don’t take your health and movement for granted. Get up every day and just move. Do something, anything for your body.

#makeitcount #MIC4D #curearthritis

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