So many things going on lately I’m not sure where to begin.

I had to go off the Xeljanz for a short period of time to rule out a potential side effect. The good news is that it doesn’t appear that the medicine was the culprit. The bad news is that I’m back on the Xeljanz and it’s not working as fast as it did the first time. It can take several months for it to work. Hoping I’ll respond eventually and not have to try other biologics.

I’m in a full flare and am trying to get through it reminding myself that it could be worse.

I honestly think the keto diet is keeping my pain level from being worse than it is.

I spoke with my mom today. Since my diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Sjogrens Syndrome I’ve researched and read as much as I can about the diseases. My mom has symptoms of Sjogrens and I told her to ask her doc to do a blood test. Well guess what? Turns out I was right. Sadly she’s lived with this for years and nobody ever tested her for it. Not that it’s preventable, but they could have been managing her symptoms.

She will need to see a rheumatologist and I’m hoping they’ll run a full set of blood work to see if she has other autoimmune diseases. I’m glad she has some answers at least. And for me now I know there’s a genetic predisposition so I can educate my children to look for answers if they ever become symptomatic.

I’m getting through the course to become a a certified personal trainer. It’s hard taking classes right now but I’m determined to get this done and help others with their health. I’m super interested in the nutrition certification that I’m going to get once I finish this course. So many health issues can be helped with proper eating and exercise. I’m excited to pursue this!

Personally, I continue to eat keto and plan on keeping it up for a while. I feel like I have less “brain fog” and my workouts are going well. My strength is coming back in the weight room and I’m definitely more lean.

Now if only spring temps would arrive I’m sure my joints would feel better!

Don’t take your health for granted. Make it count!

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