I got in to see my rheumatologist last Thursday. My pain has been constant and truly wearing on me. I feel as though I’m not the person I used to be. Trying to adjust to a new normal is exhausting and difficult. There are a select few that understand. I can’t explain it.

My Dr said that the Xeljanz is no longer working and to stop taking it. I’m on a round of prednisone and praying for relief soon.

My biggest fear is how bad I’m going to feel as I wait to see what the next course of treatment will be knowing that the biologics take 3 to 6 months to work.

In the meantime, I met with my nutritionist to come up with a plan since I decided to go off the ketogenic diet. So at least I should start to see my strength come back in the gym.

And I’m coming up on my exam to become a certified personal trainer. My hope is to pass and begin working with people that have chronic pain and disease.

My earth angel, Dani, was right on time as always…yesterday was an awful day. My pain was ridiculous all day and I didn’t go to the gym. Then I checked the mail and there were two shirts from Dani. On the back of each it says, “Every day we have a choice. Choose movement. Make it count.”

So today I chose movement instead of sitting here in pain. I made it count.

Love you Dani ❤ Thank you for your support, understanding, inspiration, and love.

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