Orencia injections…the day after includes lots of puppy snuggles. Last night was injection #8 so two months and waiting to see if it’s going to really start working. Four more shots/weeks to go before the rheumatologist and I make the decision to stay on it or move onto the next medication. 🤔

Last night I must have hit a capillary because I had a fair amount of bleeding after the shot. That was surprising lol I’ve never done that before when injecting 💉😅

Ran my errands this morning. Headache woke me up as usual so then I just get going because I know by afternoon I will hit the wall and need to lay down. No appetite either. Weird.

Still working on timing the shot so the entire weekend isn’t a bust.

I’m slowly coming to accept that my life is never going to be what it used to be. My disease is teaching me to accept days like today as part of the process of finding something that works. I’ve never been good at being still. But I’m learning to rest so I’ll begin to feel better.

Hoping I’m on the right course and that these meds will work!

#rheumatoidarthritis #healingjourney #chronicillness #curearthritis

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